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Mozzarella is a new Fine Dining Dairy establishment conveniently located in Crown Heights.


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Located in the heart of Crown Heights only a few blocks from the Utica Avenue subway station.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Food is great. Homey, comforting, and classy. ~Menachemdo

  • Awesome place, love the food, the service and design. ~Kalman Goodman

  • Amazing food! Best place in town to sit down for a dinner. ~Dovid Varnai

  • Mozzarella is a very nice looking, pleasant, homey restaurant. The service is great the food is very good, all in all was a very enjoyable experience. ~Levi Keselman

  • Awesome! The atmosphere was amazing. The staff was genuinely friendly and helpful… ~Sara Karasik


Fill out the form below to reserve a table. are Sun to Thur. 11AM-10PM, Fri. 11AM-1PM, Closed on Sat., Please place your reservation no later than 2hrs before closing. Upon request, …


Fish Entrees – Hot and Healthy

Fish…Flavorful and Fantastic at Mozzarella. When you are seeking something healthy yet flavorful and filling, come on down to Mozzarella in Crown Heights for one of our delectable fish dishes. …

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Hello Hummus… Pleased to Eat You!

Creamy and delicious…and Mozzarella makes it right! Hummus is always a crowd pleaser. The creamy rich goodness that’s not only good for your health, but it is also the perfect …

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Food that you will enjoy!

Wonderful atmosphere and great food!

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